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April 06 2016

This week, a bunch of good news reached me. It started with the acceptance of my Habilitation Treatise, which will award me with the Venia Legendi at the ETH Zurich. So, I will soon be allowed to call myself a "Privatdozent". Then, the Journal of Structural Geology accepted the manuscript that I co-authored with my former BSc student Timi Schmid. This is only the second publication that originates from a BSc Thesis that I supervised. So, congrats to Timi.

August 05 2015

Now it is official: I receive the 2015 Paul Niggli Medal! Thanks a lot to all my supporters and collaborators on my career path, who always pushed my ideas; and thanks a lot to all my past and current students, who constantly stimulated my work. I will receive the medal on Friday, November 20 2015, at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Basel. Read the citation in the Swiss Journal of Geosciences.

May 2 2015

I'm just back from a quite busy time with conferences, talks, and field work. It started after Easter with the 4-day advanced structural geology mapping course for our MSc students in Domodossola. This year, the weather was actually quite good and we enjoyed our field work. The week after, I participated in the EGU General Assembly in Vienna. As always, this was a very busy week with talks, posters, meetings, dinners, etc.; and I also met again my long-time colleague and friend Ulli Exner. In the week after the EGU conference, I made a small tour-de-suisse and gave a seminar talk in Neuchatel and Geneva. The past week, finally, was dominated by the geological exkursion to the Glarus area. We had a nice pre-excursion on Thursday, and a totally rainy main excursion with our BSc students on Friday. Now, I am back in my office and have time to follow up on my regular work.

Upcoming events

June 11-17 2016

Introductory geological field course for BSc students, Maniva, Italy

June 20-24 2016

International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP), Potsdam, Germany

July 16-23 2016

Heart Camp, Gais, Switzerland

September 9-16 2016

Geological mapping course for BSc students, Gemmi Pass, Switzerland

September 24-25 2016

Geological excursion to the Glarus Thrust, Flims-Vorab-Segnes Pass-Elm, Switzerland