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July 25 2016

I'm back at the ETH after the annual Heart Camp, where I spent one week as a leader. The Heart Camp is a dedicated summer camp for kids with congenital heart deseases. We followed the adventures of Harry Potter, learned some magic tricks, and of course played Quidditch. It was again a really great week with lots of happy faces. I'm very glad to be a part of this exciting kids camp.

July 04 2016

I'm back in the office after three busy weeks. First, I was teaching our BSc students in a geological field course in Maniva (Italy). Then I went to the International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP) in Potsdam (Germany) and presented our latest results on rockglacier deformation. Immediately after the conference, I went to the post-conference field trip through the German, Austrian, and Swiss Alps to learn more about alpine permafrost. It was great three weeks, but now I should finally catch up with my office work.

April 06 2016

This week, a bunch of good news reached me. It started with the acceptance of my Habilitation Treatise, which will award me with the Venia Legendi at the ETH Zurich. So, I will soon be allowed to call myself a "Privatdozent". Then, the Journal of Structural Geology accepted the manuscript that I co-authored with my former BSc student Timi Schmid. This is only the second publication that originates from a BSc Thesis that I supervised. So, congrats to Timi.

August 05 2015

Now it is official: I receive the 2015 Paul Niggli Medal! Thanks a lot to all my supporters and collaborators on my career path, who always pushed my ideas; and thanks a lot to all my past and current students, who constantly stimulated my work. I will receive the medal on Friday, November 20 2015, at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting in Basel. Read the citation in the Swiss Journal of Geosciences.

Upcoming events

November 18-19 2016

Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

December 16 2016

Geosynklinale, Zurich, Switzerland

February 09-11 2017

AK Permafrost, Einsiedeln, Switzerland