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Since 2018, I am a student again. I started a special education at the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH) to become a secondary school teacher (7th to 9th grade). My chosen subjects, which I will be allowed to teach, are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and histroy, as well as ethics, culture and religion.

Until 2018, I was a Senior Researcher/Lecturer at the Geological Institute of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. My main scientific interest was the mechanical understanding of geological, geodynamical, and geophysical processes. My process-oriented research focussed on topics in structural geology (i.e., deformation of rock units) and rock physics (i.e., mostly seismic properties of rocks). I was also principal investigator and speaker of The Rock Physics Network at ETH Zurich (ROCKETH).

Besides my research, I am very dedicated to teaching. On the BSc-level, I taught the fundamental geological mapping techniques, such as drawing cross-sections and using the stereonet. On the MSc-level, I introduced the students to continuum mechanics, rheology, and finite-element modeling of rock deformation; the last was further deepened in an additional advanced block course. My teaching also took place in nature. I was involved in a whole range of geological field excursions and courses, such as the introductory mapping course for BSc-students or the advanced structural geology course for MSc-students to name just two.

I also actively contributed to a healthy work environment. For example, I was the main organizer of the annual pre-christmas gathering of alumni, active members, and friends of the Geological Institute of the ETH Zurich (Geosynklinale) and I was the co-president of the mid-level faculty association at our department (VAME).

During my free time I try to do something useful as well. Every year I participate as a leader in the Heart Camp, which is a special summer camp for children with congenital heart disease. Until recently, I was president of the rockamweier festival, which is an openair rock festival free of charge for all the audience. Besides my presidency, I was responsible for the band booking and the stage equipment.